Legal Recruitment

The Phoenix Group recruits, places and staffs certified and registered paralegals, full time and temporary legal assistants and legal secretaries for law firms, title companies, real estate firms, corporations, and more across the U.S. As a leader in various industries, including Legal and Administrative, TPG leverages a deep network of industry-leading professionals, critical market knowledge and expert, localized searches – all focused on finding you the perfect hire.

TPG is a boutique shop that uses a hands-on approach to each search and placement. That being said, you’ll see only specifically targeted candidates with highly demand skills. We work with the most prestigious international law firms in the world, ranging from large financial institutions and Fortune 100 companies to start-ups. From Corporate Law, Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Intellectual Property, and even Tax Law, we specialize in a wide variety of legal recruitment.

Administrative Recruitment

Whether you need employees to cover peak workloads, special projects, or payroll, our comprehensive sourcing and screening practices enable us to deliver top administrative talent. We work with top assistants, account managers, receptionists, and more in order to fulfill all potential hiring needs. Our clients work with global organizations that are revolutionizing the world every single day. The once small start-ups our clients represent are now the largest, most common household names known by everyone on the planet.

Our advisors rely on instinct, interaction, observation and informed judgments to spot real compatibility and make placements that allow both the individual and the company to thrive. Beyond a simple match of office and administrative skills, we work to understand quality as it’s defined by clients and capabilities as they are embodied by candidates. We are experts at identifying quality candidates that fit your company culture and satisfy the nuances of each specific job.



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