Amanda Goulart was of tremendous help to my team and our Firm generally during the last year. She helped us find quality candidates with very specific legal risk management experience in a tough hiring climate. I have recommended Amanda internally and externally and will continue to do so. I look forward to working with Amanda again soon.

Chief Risk Officer, Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani

What I like best about TPG is that they make you feel as if you are their only client, they’re availability and fast responses are what set them apart!! They named their company appropriately, as The Phoenix is associated with the Sun, and TPG is on FIRE!!

-Supervisor, Information Technology at 32bj Seiu

“The Phoenix Group has taken the headache out of hiring for us. We’ve been provided quality, pre-vetted candidates and the team has helped immensely in managing the interview and negotiation process. It is great to work with a team that helps set expectations, cadence, and timeline. At the end of our contract, we have a quality staffer and are eagerly planning for the next one.”

-Senior Systems Engineer, Better Systems Technology

“Kaitlin has been integral to the process of finding top talent for our group in the past. She has helped us staff junior to high level senior members of our team and continues to be a vital resource for us. Her professionalism and teamwork is nothing short of the best. She has also helped me in the past with her expert knowledge on career guidance and coaching through offers as well as promotions. I highly recommend Kaitlin for all needs regarding your personal career as well as your teams.”

Director of Mobile & Living App Development, AMC Networks

Before meeting The Phoenix Group, I had dealt with many recruiters and reached a point where I felt that they were all the same, all cut from the same cloth, which to me was very discouraging. However, from the very first phone call, The Phoenix Group stood out above the rest with their professionalism, constant communication, and great interview preparations, and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. The Phoenix Group always went the extra mile and in the end, placed me in a roll that perfectly fit what I was looking for in an IT career and for that I can’t recommend The Phoenix Group enough as a recruiter.

IT Support Specialist, Real Estate Tech

One of the great pioneering aspects which I have come to truly appreciate about The Phoenix Group is their overall down to earth approach regarding his clients. They do a great job at first accessing the goals of the client and then works alongside them to understand how he could fit such requirements into a job which will enhance and allow them to achieve their professional goals. As some one who has worked as a client of The Phoenix Group as I have developed my professional career. I can attest unlike many recruiters, The Phoenix Group has never pushed me to take any job which I felt hesitant to take. He kept in constant communication throughout the times I have worked with him and ensured that I was always up to date concerning open positions. It is truly a real honor to attach my testimonial to The Phoenix Group.

Senior Help Desk Technician, Major TV Network

I have been in contact with The Phoenix Group for many months now, and my experience has been amazing. I would like to start off by pointing out that this group of individuals have been very helpful, kind, professional, and simply pleasant to work with. Upon my contractual end with a different organization, I reached out to The Phoenix Group, and within a very reasonable time frame was I contacted back, showing support for my cause (to find employment) and personally, I felt like a priority.

At the time of seeking employment I was unsure of what my next steps would be or even how I would pay for my cost of living. The Phoenix Group quickly took these concerns away, as I was put to work almost immediately for a project with a consistent and satisfying duration length. They actually cared about me having funds to survive. Whilst working with The Phoenix Group during this time, small concerns of what to do after the project went through my head, and again almost as quickly as my concern appeared it again was resolved when I was told there were other opportunities available, and very fantastic ones at that.

Without The Phoenix Group involved in my search with me, I have no idea where I would be today, who I’d be looking for work with, or how my expenses were going to be met. I am very grateful to this hard working team and strongly recommend anyone with experience or not to reach out and see what can be done for them. They will do their best to help you as they did for me, and my experience in the technical field was extremely limited. They managed to find me a company that would teach me, help me grow and develop a real career. Go Phoenix Group!!!

Technical Support Engineer, Fashion Management


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