Recruiter Top 10: Ways to Make Your Job Postings More Engaging

No one – and we do mean no one – gets excited about a bland, boring, run of the mill job description. If you’re still relying on lists of qualifications and summaries of duties to advertise your roles, don’t be surprised if all the candidates who apply seem a little … tepid. If you want to attract qualified,… Read More »

12 Steps to Help You Bounce Back From a Layoff

Layoffs may be relatively common, but they’re never fun and rarely expected. As is the case with any negative situation, however, your experience with a layoff largely depends on how you react. You may not have deserved the layoff, but you definitely deserve a second chance at a successful career.… Read More »

I Was Hired at the Height of the Pandemic. Here Is My Advice on How to Make Virtual Recruiting Better.

“In order to maintain social distance, our world has become almost fully virtual — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Technology has done wonders for us in the past (think: Google Maps, Netflix, Facebook Messenger), and it can continue to do so as the world of work evolves. I know this from firsthand experience: I… Read More »

The What, When, Why, and How of Foolproof Background Checks

During a background check, you verify the details you have received from an applicant by checking with their previous employers, supervisors, coworkers, educators, and if necessary, the government. In other words, you ask any source other than the applicants themselves to verify the information you have.… Read More »

Today’s Top Talent Expects Inclusion, Flexibility, and Digital Acceleration

This has been a watershed year for workplaces, and it will mark the beginning of many firsts in the way we work now and in the future. Issues such as diversity, inclusion, and how employers demonstrate care for workers while ensuring workplace safety have become primary concerns for employees and employer brands. It is safe to say that… Read More »

Hiring Never Stops: 3 Ways to Improve Recruiting Efforts, Even During a Crisis

Hiring needs are much different than they were six months ago, and job seekers, employers, and recruiting professionals are all adapting to the evolving job market. The 2020 Job Seeker Nation Report from Jobvite has confirmed what many of us already suspected: Talent acquisition teams are adjusting their processes to work remotely and increasingly using social media to advertise jobs… Read More »

15 Common Buzzwords Hiring Managers Hate Seeing on Job Applications

Recruiters see a lot of job applications, many of which follow a similar template or are based on similar advice. Here are 15 common buzzwords that appear on resumes and cover letters that hiring managers hate to see.… Read More »

In Times of High Unemployment, Overlook Laid-Off Candidates at Your Own Risk

The pandemic has changed so much about how we live and work, which makes this a good time for recruiters to reevaluate how they look at currently unemployed applicants.… Read More »

Times of Crisis Call for Digital Transformation and Bias-Free Hiring

Taken together, the coronavirus pandemic and the protest wave have been a transformative force for recruiting and hiring. On one hand, COVID-19 and climbing unemployment rates are making remote-first processes and carefully structured volume hiring absolute necessities. On the other, the spotlight on social justice and inclusion means hiring processes must be as fair and free of… Read More »

4 Clues Your Candidate’s Just Not That Into You

In recruiting, literally anything can go wrong — and it often does. Even the (seemingly) simplest of steps can go sideways. Take onboarding, for example. This is supposed to be the end of the process. You’ve made a hire! The candidate has said yes! What could go wrong? Various things. There’s no foolproof way to prevent any… Read More »