Your 2020 Virtual Interview Strategy Can Drive Long-Term Hiring Success. Here’s How.

Organizations that adopted remote hiring as a result of the pandemic are realizing the trend is here to stay. Video interviews are a core part of virtual recruitment, and 82 percent of hiring managers are planning to continue leveraging them in the long term. However, there’s a difference between simply chatting with a candidate via Zoom and conducting a carefully crafted video-interview strategy.… Read More »

Leadership vs. Management: Trust Makes All the Difference

Look online, and you’ll find an abundance of memes comparing the traits of managers and leaders. Many show the manager sitting behind a desk with the whip to his people, while the leader is in front of the pack and leading the charge. But is it really that simple in our day-to-day work lives? I don’t… Read More »

Managing Hybrid Teams: How to Keep Culture Strong and Productivity High When Employees Are Working From Home and the Office

The pandemic-driven shift to mass remote work has had its fair share of challenges, like a disrupted work/life balance and widening communication gaps. Despite that, many employees have come to prefer the flexibility of working from home over the rigidity of working from a shared office.… Read More »

Hiring and Being Hired During the Pandemic: Clarity and Resilience Are Key

With so many people having lost their jobs or been furloughed this year, it’s no surprise we have seen an increase in job hunting in impacted industries, with the spherical range of these industries gradually increasing as the pandemic wears on. Many recruiters have also found themselves adjusting to a new talent landscape. The pandemic’s disruptions resulted… Read More »

How to Hire Exceptional Candidates for Your Startup in Just 5 Steps

Most established companies have elaborate recruitment strategies with tried and tested methods. Recruitment is a well-oiled machine that can often work on its own for these mature organizations. But what about startups and companies that are fairly new to hiring? How do they approach hiring? Where can they post their job openings? What questions should… Read More »

Remote Work Is Here to Stay. This Is How You Can Protect Your Company Culture.

When remote workplace technology came on the scene, some predicted it would quickly catch on and make the daily commute obsolete. It didn’t. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, only about 7 percent of the US workforce had the option to work remotely in 2019.… Read More »

How’s Your Team Really Doing? 5 Ways to Support Employee Mental Health

For many people, the pandemic is not only a threat to physical health, but also a mental health risk. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, three times more people are struggling with anxiety disorders this year than last year; when it comes to depression, the numbers this year are four times greater than they were… Read More »

Recruiting Is Like Finding a Needle in a Haystack — and Now the Haystack Keeps Growing

As a recruiter, you know someone out there is the ideal person for the position you’re trying to fill. The hard part is finding them in a pool of candidates that grows larger by the day.… Read More »

Diversity in Contract Hires: An Overlooked Opportunity for Lasting Change?

Like many professional recruiters, we at Corps Team have seen a dramatic rise in hiring in recent months. With the economic impact of the pandemic, we’re observing a trend of employers hedging risk by hiring contractors rather than direct-hire placements. The latest job numbers confirm what we’re seeing. “Professional and business services added 208,000 jobs… Read More »

4 Ways to Tackle Absenteeism in a Flexible PTO Framework

Employee absenteeism can damage productivity and culture in organizations with flexible PTO if not tackled at the right time. There are ways to protect your PTO policy without having to stand by and watch your employees abuse it.… Read More »