Put TPG to the Test

The Phoenix Group is a leading staffing and solutions agency specializing in connecting companies with highly qualified individuals who have the unique skills and experience for the most critical project and direct hire requirements. Our focus is on finding people with the specific skills you need, for projects of any length or full-time roles. Our proven process has delivered consistent results for organizations around the nation since 2002.

Employers Count on Us for:

  • Accuracy: We work to understand your unique challenges to ensure every placement is spot on.
  • Flexibility: Need contractors on a project basis? Need to add to your full-time team? Let us know! We adapt to your needs.
  • Consistency: Our clients know the candidates we provide will exceed expectations, every time.
  • Persistence: Our experienced recruiters won’t rest until they find the right people for your organization.


Complete critical projects on time, fill skills gaps or manage unpredictable demand. As an IT staffing agency, we provide the flexibility you need to keep up with variable business demands.

Evaluate a direct hire candidate on-site before making an offer to reduce the risk of making an unfit hire.

The IT recruitment experts at TPG identify and attract top candidates for difficult-to-fill technical positions. You choose from only the best prospects to interview. With over 20 years in business, TPG has created a wide network of talent for our clients.

Place the employees you choose on The Phoenix Group’s payroll. We take care of benefits, workers’ compensation and unemployment claims – you avoid administrative headaches and co-employment risks.


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