9 Ways to Motivate Yourself When You’re Stuck

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being self-employed as a writer, it’s that motivation is a complex and fickle beast. Some days, I’m in a groove. I can crank out articles left and right, only taking a quick break to refill my coffee or eat lunch. Other days, I have to force myself not to surf Reddit and run unimportant errands. Unfortunately, deadlines don’t wait for me to regain my motivation. The same is true in nearly every other solopreneur profession: A patient doesn’t wait for her therapist’s coffee to kick in, nor does a customer wait for an Etsy owner to have the energy to ship their package. When motivation has to be intrinsic (meaning there’s no boss breathing down your neck to get things done), it can be harder to come by. Below, you’ll find a series of research-backed tips and tricks that entrepreneurs swear by when they’re stuck:


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