Why Virtual Interviews Won’t Eliminate Bias

5 Steps to Improve Diversity Recruiting

“Although virtual interviews have been around for some time, the current pandemic has caused unprecedented demand for video-based meetings and interactions, including job interviews. It is easy to see how this unexpected sequence of drastic events (i.e., a virus, a pandemic, social distancing, and, for those who are fortunate enough to keep their jobs, working from home) may lead to a long-term surge in adoption of digital recruitment tools, increasing the efficiency of interviews, and modernizing a rather outdated practice. That said, it would be naïve to expect the widespread adoption of virtual interviews to translate into better recruitment practices. Faster, cheaper, more convenient job interviews won’t equate to more accurate hiring decisions, not unless human recruiters have the capacity to remove themselves from the process of judging and rating the actual interviews.”

Why Virtual Interviews Won’t Eliminate Bias

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