The Trials and Tribulations of The Offer

5 Reasons to Use Recruiters: Employers - Perceptive Recruiting

“Your candidate just crushed their final interview — heck yeah! You get feedback from the client that they are ready to move to reference checks and the offer stage for your candidate. You did it. Or did you? Recruiters know the danger of celebrating an offer before the hire is official. It is exciting! You put in hard work to find a candidate that checks all the boxes and made sure both the client and the candidate remained interested throughout the whole process. That deserves a celebration. However, like others, I have definitely been guilty of jumping the gun in celebrating a “hire” when it was really an offer– just to have the candidate back out. It happens to the best of us, but there are steps we can take to reduce the chance of a candidate walking away from an offer.”

The Trials and Tribulations of The Offer

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