Baby, There’s COVID Outside! Tips for Workplace Holiday Celebrations: The 2020 Pandemic Edition

Let’s face it: 2020 has been hard. Good riddance. The US workforce has seen furloughs, layoffs, and pay cuts — plus the challenges to working parents posed by the lack of childcare and the stress of managing remote learning.… Read More »

People, Planning, and Platforms: How to Build an Effective Upskilling Strategy in the New Normal

Skills, knowledge, and expertise are essential elements of any organization’s success, and they require constant training, development, and refinement. That’s why so many organizations have been reviewing their internal skill availability amid the upheavals of the pandemic. With the economy on shaky ground, the firms that thrive most are those willing to embrace upskilling as a key… Read More »

A Year of Trust: 3 Industry Professionals Share Their Predictions for 2021

This year was an especially challenging one for organizations around the world. The massive shift to remote work, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, put stress on hiring managers, increased reliance on the cloud, and created demand for new technologies.… Read More »

COVID-19 Changed the Workforce Forever. Is Your Business Ready?

The COVID-19 pandemic created a workforce crisis on the same scale as the Great Depression. Within a matter of months, 17.75 million Americans were out of work, and businesses were scrambling to cope with financial and productivity losses. Recent months have seen a decline in unemployment numbers, but business leaders still have their work cut out for them as they navigate… Read More »

As the Pandemic Continues, We Must Keep Our Core Values Front and Center

The Japanese business philosophy of kaizen promotes the continuous growth of all employees no matter where they are in the org chart. Consciously or not, many company leaders subscribe to this concept on some level when it comes to company culture. When you are intentional about creating strong growth and an adaptable culture, you position your company to… Read More »

Why You Need to Understand the Difference Between Praise and Employee Recognition

If, after investing a good amount of time and effort in a project, you got to choose either a “Well done!” or more insightful feedback, what would you go for?… Read More »

The Key to Better Hiring Is Better Listening: 4 Ways to Get the Most From an Interview

As we near the end of 2020 and closer to a COVID-19 vaccine, business leaders are starting to looking ahead. As companies begin to rebuild, they’ll face a daunting decision: choosing whom they’ll rebuild with.… Read More »

The Power of Belonging: The How and Why of Building Community Across a Modern Remote Workforce

When the pandemic forced a sudden shift to remote work, many companies feared productivity would decline. Instead, more than 90 percent of employers now say productivity has stayed the same or even increased compared to before the pandemic. While this lays aside the biggest concern most companies had about remote work, another problem is brewing, and it… Read More »

Your 2020 Virtual Interview Strategy Can Drive Long-Term Hiring Success. Here’s How.

Organizations that adopted remote hiring as a result of the pandemic are realizing the trend is here to stay. Video interviews are a core part of virtual recruitment, and 82 percent of hiring managers are planning to continue leveraging them in the long term. However, there’s a difference between simply chatting with a candidate via Zoom and conducting a carefully crafted video-interview strategy.… Read More »

Leadership vs. Management: Trust Makes All the Difference

Look online, and you’ll find an abundance of memes comparing the traits of managers and leaders. Many show the manager sitting behind a desk with the whip to his people, while the leader is in front of the pack and leading the charge. But is it really that simple in our day-to-day work lives? I don’t… Read More »