Stay Flexible: How to Hire Globally in a Post-Pandemic World

“Businesses, communities, and even entire regions of the world are cautiously peeking out from pandemic-imposed isolation, looking for any and all signs of normalcy. Indicators are visible and businesses are beginning to open up, intent on reaching goals and moving forward — albeit in a brand new economic and social environment. The recovery starts with… Read More »

How to Cultivate Employee Loyalty During COVID-19 and Beyond

“American commerce has long been grounded in a kind of Darwinism: It’s about the survival of the fittest in an expansive and cutthroat economic ecosystem. The strongest companies survive; the weak go extinct. It used to be that creating an economic powerhouse meant reducing employees to numbers on a chart; looking at dollar signs and profit margins;… Read More »

Expanding Your Anti-Racist Managerial Toolkit: How ’Human Check-Ins’ Can Build a Better Workplace

“I have started every meeting I have facilitated for my direct staff the same way for the past seven years: with a human check-in. A human check-in gives each attendee an opportunity to share something that is on their mind. In increments of just about a minute each, team members have celebrated a new car purchase… Read More »

10 Browser Extensions Every Recruiter Should Install

From AdBlock to Google Translate and everything in between, browser extensions are great because they make our lives easier and our internet experiences more enjoyable. If you install the right ones, browser extensions can also make you a more effective recruiter. Check out our list of the 10 most useful browser extensions for recruiters and other… Read More »

Beat the Summer Productivity Slump With These 10 Tips

Let’s be honest: When the summer rolls around, your employees would much rather be out enjoying the gorgeous weather than toiling away at the office. Heck, maybe you yourself struggle with the summer productivity slump, which can lead to a 20 percent dip in workplace productivity. Sadly, you can’t close the office down from June to… Read More »

Remember Your ABCs: Moving From Theory to Practice When Recruiting for Executive Diversity

Scanning the headlines today, you will undoubtedly come across stories about the need to build diverse workforces at all organizational levels, particularly the C-suite. The conversation has been driven in large part by the strength of the Black Lives Matter movement, in addition to recent legislation — including California’s Senate Bill (SB) 826 requiring public companies to find female board… Read More »

You Can’t Improve What You Don’t Measure: Using Workforce Analytics to Drive Productivity

Can you prove that your employees are productive and efficient? The father of modern business management, Peter Drucker, is often attributed with a saying: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” On the surface, the quote seems obvious. Without goal posts, how will you know if you’re winning? But it goes deeper than… Read More »

9 Ways to Motivate Yourself When You’re Stuck

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being self-employed as a writer, it’s that motivation is a complex and fickle beast. Some days, I’m in a groove. I can crank out articles left and right, only taking a quick break to refill my coffee or eat lunch. Other days, I have to force myself not to… Read More »

6 New and Updated Employment Laws Every Company Needs to Know

The start of any new year brings a flurry of activity for HR professionals. Unfortunately, as they attempt to juggle hiring plans, health insurance changes, and fresh professional development budgets, changes in employment law often fall through the cracks. I get it. Reviewing new and updated employment laws can feel like just another task on… Read More »

Experts Share 5 Proven Methods to Retain Millennials

There’s no avoiding them: Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce today, and that means you need them to keep your company fully staffed and operating at capacity. While this generation has dealt with its fair share of negative stereotypes, the truth is millennials are just as driven to work — and to work well — as any… Read More »